Meet William R. Meier

As a dentist, I always offer my patient what I would want done for myself. I make recommendations and provide alternatives, while explaining the positives and negatives. Patients are then empowered to make treatment decisions which best fit their circumstances. I never make assumptions or judge, but am here, excited and happy to help.

Being a dentist means educating, advising, healing, and restoring my patients. Every patient is unique and special: I treat them as such. I give them as much help as they are willing to accept and cheer them onward toward their goals – the goals I am involved with directly, and those they tell me about while we spend time together.

~ Dr. William Meier

Education and Experience

Dr. William Meier grew up in the Green Bay area; he decided to become a dentist in order to help people smile and be happy. In 2000, Dr. Meier graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) and has been in private practice since then.

Dr. Meier likes to help patients restore and maintain an appearance they are happy and confident in, while also ensuring comfortable function. He especially enjoys being able to help people attain “wow” results: smiles that are more amazing than the patient thought possible.

With his gentle and attentive approach, Dr. Meier excels at putting anxious patients at ease. His dedication to each patient’s wellbeing – their dental health, self-image, and overall enjoyment of life – earns their trust and their friendship. Dr. Meier treasures both.

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

Dr. Meier is an active member of the American and Wisconsin Dental associations. Throughout the year, these professional organizations offer continuing educational seminars, meetings, study groups, and publications.

By keeping up-to-date with the best materials, methods, procedures, and technologies, Dr. Meier ensures patients are receiving evidence-based treatment. This ensures the best patients experience and predictable, stable, and beautiful results.

Beyond the Office

Dr. Meier and his wife, Dr. Carolyn Meier, reside in Suamico with their children: son Lawson, and daughters Charlotte and Cora, who keep the couple busy with their many activities. Their sixth family member, Wilbur, is a Bichon who is convinced he’s still a puppy, even though he’s six years old.

Being with family, immediate and extended, is Dr. Meier’s priority away from the practice. He, his wife, and their children especially like spending time in nature, around the local area and at their cottage in Door County.

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